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This is the question I asked myself 6 years ago, why stay in the military, stay restricted to a salary of +/- 3,000 per month, keep this security, when I could build my own world, my own business, my own empire?

Today, I am free, financially, geographically, I help my clients to increase their traffic and their turnover tenfold, I help my students to succeed in building their online empires, I continue to create my websites, my brands, and I can freely continue to invest and pile up real estate & Crypto like in monopoly.

« Success is a consequence, not a goal. »

My Story



An entrepreneur & investor who has made several profitable operations whether in real estate or in the field of e-commerce with the management and purchase and resale of websites with high organic traffic (SEO).

His entrepreneurial adventure began when he took up his duties in the French Navy, he works in a very secret and tedious branch in the field of encryption and decryption of confidential defense data. 

During his missions he became interested in automatic income and quickly began to invest all his savings in apartments that would offer him a life annuity to be able to devote himself to more exciting activities that would suit him.

He discovered Dropshipping (e-commerce) with shopify and made a miraculous combo with Blogging, he specializes in setting up automatic online system that can earn big and growing, 

SEO (search engine optimization for free traffic), he then realizes that this business model has great similarity with his first passion real estate.

So he decided to create a real online empire of “e-commerce website” to generate 24/24, 7/7 and year after year of income 100% automatic and especially, increasingly, every second that passes, his website empire works for him.

2019/2021 is more than .

0 Dollars

Generated by my stores and those of my Clients. (And I can assure you that I don't have fun calculating this kind of figure which doesn't matter, however, we must be more or less there)

peii henry


I started my apprenticeship in entrepreneurship by forging a strong mindset. 

French Navy, Anti-aircraft frigate Chevalier Paul, Position: 10 nautical miles from Syria.


peii henry
peii henry